Our market growing is made along 365 days a year, so we can provide our customers fresh vegetables from our lands during the whole year.

Our growing methods are the most modern in the market. Our spacious and up-to-date facilities update to the market necessities.

Due to the demanding process in the manufacture of our products and quality controls, we can guarantee that our customers always consume the most natural and freshest vegetables in the market.



New facilities Santa Cruz

The next launch of new facilities of Hijos de Manuel Lucas accommodates two production lines. One will deal with washing Spinach, Swiss Chard and Parsley and the other will be responsible for the packaging of Broccoli. The horticultural facility is located in an area close to the town of Santa Cruz; In particular Plot.80007 and 80011 ( plot 127 – Murcia) The U.T.M. coordinates for the facilities are; Zone 30   X = 671011.92 and Y = 4209994.25 And the geographical coordinates are; Latitude = 38⁰ 1’15,15”N     Longitude = 1⁰ 3’5,73”W SURFACE DATA OF THE SITE Plot Area: 6.842 m² Total Floor Area: 2.573.50 m² Handling Surface Area: 590m² Office and Services Area: 300m² ( on 2 floors ) INSTALLATION DATA Refrigeration Rooms: 4 Production Lines: 2 Loading Docks: 1 Loading Docks for Field Packaging: 1 Unloading Docks: 3 MORE... read more

Grupo Lucas sponsors the sport of Murcia

Grupo Lucas and in particular its brand of extra virgin olive oil “Lucas Oil” supports the sport of the Region of Murcia. In the dossier we put at your disposal for download from the link at the end of this article, you can see various images of athletic events that have taken place in the region. As always, Grupo Lucas will support all activities which involve a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, etc … and the practice of any sport. Eating healthy, thanks to Grupo Lucas products and play sports regularly = HEALTHY LIVING DOWNLOAD: Dossier... read more


Did you know …?

A report by the WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) recently published recommended as target population, the intake of at least 400 grams. day of fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers) to prevent chronic diseases.
Source: OMS

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